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Housing that works

Introducing an innovative 501(c)(3) with a new approach to addressing our housing crisis...


Housing instability is one of the biggest challenges facing our community.  The Gateway Collective exists to develop holistic, socially inclusive housing with a focus on offering affordable, high-quality options for our area’s workforce.  The result is increased life satisfaction, stabilized housing and a stronger community.

Who is Socially INclusive Housing For?

The Gateway Collective seeks to help people maintain a stable housing environment and have a thriving future.  SIH is for anyone looking for an affordable living option with a strong emphasis on social connection, but is designed with three main groups in mind:


Young Professionals

We will provide affordable housing to young professionals in a prime market near many of the large employers seeking their talent. This approach helps retain young talent in the community.

Happy Family

Hard Working Families

We will offer housing stability and wellness to hard-working families. Child-focused programs will help parents balance the demands of employment with the demands of the home. This approach stabilizes the family and the local economy.

Smiling Elderly Woman

Aging Adults

In 2018, this population accounted for 16% of the local population and is projected to reflect 2/3 of the growth over the next few years. In addition to the need for affordable housing, this population identifies extreme feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Socially Inclusive Housing Advantages


Our roots grow deep

The Gateway Collective was formed with passion and courage by St. John's Ministries, a non-profit organization whose mission is to honor the dignity, restore hope and create lasting change for those experiencing homelessness or housing instability in the Green Bay community.

Like St. John's Ministries, The Gateway Collective is founded and rooted in Christian values.  And while our focus will be different, both organizations will seek to tackle housing instability from different angles.

Together, we are stronger.

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