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why socially inclusive Housing?

Housing instability is one of the biggest barriers to upward mobility

Socially Inclusive Housing

For those who experience homelessness or housing instability, life expectancy is shortened by 30-40 years when compared with peers in stable housing. Homelessness is not a temporary issue easily addressed by providing an individual with housing. We must examine how social connection impacts on a person’s experience of homelessness – before, during and after. We also must start moving upstream and address the systemic issues leading to housing instability in the first place.

The Gateway Collective will develop impactful Socially Inclusive Housing communities for working individuals and families.  This work will lead to homelessness prevention and positive upward mobility for individuals of all economic levels.

The need for SIH

What is Socially Inclusive Housing?

Socially Inclusive Housing is high-quality workforce housing for all socioeconomic levels with a focus on social connection geared to improve life satisfaction, decrease cost of living, and increase civic engagement. 

Who is Socially INclusive Housing For?

The Gateway Collective seeks to be a force for good to help people maintain a stable housing environment.  SIH is poised to serve a number of target groups who are at highest risk and give them a helping hand.

Businessman, young professional

Young Professionals

We will provide young professionals affordable housing in a prime market near many of the large employers seeking their talent. This approach helps retain young talent in the community.

Happy Family

Hard Working Families

We will offer housing wellness and stability to hard-working families. Child-focused programs will help parents balance the demands of employment with the demands of the home. This approach stabilizes the family and the local economy.

Smiling Elderly Woman

Aging Adults

In 2018, this population accounted for 16% of the local population and is projected to reflect 2/3 of the growth over the next few years. In addition to the need for affordable housing, this population identifies extreme feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Socially Inclusive Housing

More than just affordable housing, SIH is a model for wrap around support from community partners that leads to upward mobility


High quality, equitable access for mixed income levels in a favorable location.


Walking distance to employers, local economic investment, child care and afterschool support, resident investment program


Intentional design plan, Community Resource Advocate, ongoing programming


Spiritual foundation, health and wellbeing, job training, financial counseling

Equitable Access

In alignment with the Brown County Community Health Plan, SIH provides equitable access to members of our community across all income levels.







Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS)

Individuals earning up to $16/ hour

Family of four up to $23/ hour

Employed households who are above the federal poverty line but work low-paying jobs with little to no savings

1/3 of households in Green Bay don't earn enough for a basic survival budget

Over half of seniors in Green Bay fall within this income category

Households desiring to keep cost of living competitive while still accessing desirable downtown living

Access to intentional community spaces, on-site services

Strategic Alignment

Socially Inclusive Housing is aligned with and a direct response to key strategic priorities for housing stability, economic development and wellbeing.

Brown County Life Study

  • Increase affordable housing inventory

  • Address barriers to escape poverty

  • Improve transportation access

  • Increase affordable childcare options

  • Strategies for retaining young professionals

Community Health Improvement Plan

  • Advocate for equitable access to healthcare

  • Build community connections at the neighborhood level

  • Safe, accessible housing options

  • Support policies that decrease inequities in a coordinated way

Greater Green Bay Blueprint to Prevent and End Homelessness

  • Equitable access of affordable housing across income levels

  • Enhance social cohesion throughout our community

  • Increase access to coordinated services

  • Partner with employers to be part of the solution

Long-Term Outcomes

Socially Inclusive Housing is about intentional outcomes of improvement for
tenants and communities

Housing Access

Increased access to affordable housing, stabilizing the cost of living regionally

Economic Development

Downtown employee retention leading to increased economic development

Improved Wellbeing

Improved wellbeing, increased life satisfaction and housing stability leading to higher graduation rates and long-term goal attainment

Upward Mobility

For cost burdened families, securing affordable housing will lead to more spent on healthcare, food, day care, retirement, and education

City Center Lofts Entryway

City Center Lofts

Learn about our first SIH site coming to Green Bay in 2023 / 2024


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