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Building Homes

Give monthly, and you'll become a Carpenter, a passionate community invested in a world where everyone has a place to call home.  Your ongoing support helps bring community members on the brink of housing instability to a hopeful future where upward mobility is a reality.  A gift of just $25 a month can provide powerful wellness navigation for a community member each year.


Join the local community investing in upward mobility.

When you become a Carpenter, you're investing in personal, intentional and uplifting support for community members at risk of housing instability.

Socially Inclusive Housing is about a personalized approach.  Our onsite Community Resource Advocate will guide tenants to a number of community benefits including financial advisors, health and wellness providers, job coaching, spiritual connectedness, afterschool / child care and more.  Because data is important to us and our partners, we will regularly measure the impact of our programs and report those back to our stakeholders and community.

Spiritual Connection

Resident Investment Program

Health and Wellness

Youth Programming

Financial Literacy

Job Coaching

Strategic Alignment

Socially Inclusive Housing is aligned with and a direct response to key strategic priorities for housing stability, economic development and wellbeing.

Brown County Life Study

  • Increase affordable housing inventory

  • Address barriers to escape poverty

  • Improve transportation access

  • Increase affordable childcare options

  • Strategies for retaining young professionals

Community Health Improvement Plan

  • Advocate for equitable access to healthcare

  • Build community connections at the neighborhood level

  • Safe, accessible housing options

  • Support policies that decrease inequities in a coordinated way

Greater Green Bay Blueprint to Prevent and End Homelessness

  • Equitable access of affordable housing across income levels

  • Enhance social cohesion throughout our community

  • Increase access to coordinated services

  • Partner with employers to be part of the solution

Long-Term Outcomes

Socially Inclusive Housing is about intentional outcomes of improvement for tenants and communities

Housing Access

Increased access to affordable housing, stabilizing the cost of living regionally

Economic Development

Downtown employee retention leading to increased economic development

Improved Outcomes

Improved wellbeing, increased life satisfaction and housing stability leading to higher graduation rates and long-term goal attainment

Upward Mobility

For cost burdened families, securing affordable housing will lead to more spent on healthcare, food, day care, retirement, and education

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